NASA live ISS - is it fake ?

Ok people , this is live , yeah ? Please comment if you see any stars or Moon ? I couldn't , it's very suspicious to me ....

The Scientology Conspiracy

It's the mysterious religious, often considered a cult and followed by various high profile celebrities, actors and business elites. But what is Scientology all about?

10 Disturbing 9/11 Facts

Shocking facts and secrets about the 9/11 attacks. From building 7 to William Cooper, we countdown 10 shocking and disturbing facts about the September 11th attacks.

Absolute proof that NASA never went on the Moon!

AN EXCLUSIVE interview with Bart Sibrel, an award winning filmmaker, who has accidentally received an UN-EDITED FOOTAGE from NASA in 1999, which proves that the Apollo 11 astronauts were staging shots of the Earth to make it appear that the spacecraft was en route to the Moon when in face they were on low Earth orbit.

Forbidden Knowledge of the Ancient Reptile Ruler

Forbidden Knowledge of the Ancient Reptile Rulers [DOCUMENTARY]

Apollo 11 Press Conference - NEW - HD

The crew of Apollo 11 nervously, reluctantly, and with the emotion of a eulogy, present their first press conference . . . with the aid of teleprompters discretely hidden in the desk, in order to help them remember their one of kind experience, that the writers of their script should know nothing about.